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ngilizce coursebook sayfa 20-21

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Hit : 2020
Tarih : 02 Ekim 2010 18:19
Yükleyen : Paylasimci
Oy Ver (2/1919) :
1- neither George nor Mary will be sailing to Avustralia
2- neither Ali nor Ahmet is going to Erzurum
3- neither you father nor you brother caught any fish
4- neither I nor my friend can speak French
5- neither Mrs.Brown nor Mr.Brown has read that book
6- neither Ahmet nor his friends like modern music
7- neither the the students in lise 2 nor the students in lise 3 have done the experiment
8- neither Murat nor Mehmet was able to solve the problem
9- neither Aye''s brothers nor Ali''s brothers will be going to find
10- neither the teacher nor the students have read his horoscope today
1- neither the Club President nor the Club Secretary will be attending the meeting
2- neither Ali nor his friends will have arrived in stanbul by lunchtime tomorrow
3- neither the teacher nor the students had left school before he arrived
4- neither the doctors nor the nurses have been working very hard all morning
5- neither Sibel nor Aye was weiting whem the plane landed
6- neither the tourists nor the guide found a good fish restaurant
7- neither the policeman nor the other motorists saw the accident
8- neither the cars nor the buses were made in Turkey
9- neither the television nor the adios were repaired by that new technician
10- neither lions nor tigers are found in the Bolu mountains

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